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I am very frustrated/ highly concerned about my visit on Tuesday. I would have anticipated coming in with increased BP, occ sob and vision changes would result in ER visit. When I got there I was immediately assessed, told my bp 174/110, EKG normal blood work and cat scan normal, had an IV and Ativan. (Does that typically lower BP? ) My concern is BP never rechecked I developed a headache and r shoulder blade pain. I told the physician symptoms started on my way to work with noticing some wobbly ness to my vision when driving no spinning And went away happened a few times walking then vision changes and some sob prompted Bp chec, at that time high rechecked manually and was 205/110, so came in. He noted some redness in and bulging in right ear (no pain or feelings of issues there)and diagnosed me with bppv. I point blank asked if this caused increased BP, sob or vision changes and he said no. Prescribed augmentin and meclizine and Mucinex. I asked again about BP and was told follow up with PCP it could just be a 1 off event. Here is my frustration he wouldn\'t know they never bothered to recheck! I got home high BP 189/105 (similar readings on 2 separate cuffs)! Wed High BP! Is it policy to send your BP pt home with no new set of vitals when they are symptomatic just because you don\'t know what\'s wrong? I felt sooo very unsafe with this DC! And let\'s be real it is typically a few days to get into a PCP. After my BP went over 200 Wednesday morning I went home to rest . Perspective my BP is typically in 120s over 75-85. So now I am stuck with an astronomical ER bill to know all test are fine but we didn\'t care to address your issue or check to see if we affected it at all and I may not be a Dr or nurse but I Do know that\'s an unsafe blood pressure and felt like and unsafe DC frankly. I had an appointment Thursday Morning with my PCP who assured me I do not have bppv nor an ear infection. She did multiple test including ones the Dr didn\'t care to do w/ no symptoms or nystagmus. I look forward to speaking with someone about this issue.

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