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User Guidelines & FAQ

The CustomerGauge Reviews site is designed to help other customers benefit from your customer experiences. This system is based on our experiences providing Net Promoter® Scores and comments for our global clients, securely and reliably since 2007. It’s the only review system featuring Net Promoter Scores, and the only one based on real customer data.

1. How do I know the shown reviews are not fake?

All reviews on CustomerGauge are from genuine customers that have been invited to submit Net Promoter Scores and comments to our clients after a transaction or purchase. No review can be submitted without a purchase (or genuine customer experience) – so you can be sure that the reviews are from real customers, and can be audited back to the transaction. We make sure of that. Our clients that use this site have agreed to publish all reviews, positive or negative, and not edited. The scores are presented transparently. The only exception to this is in the rare case of a review being blocked or removed for reasons listed below or in our Terms of Service.

2. What should I do if I still suspect a review to be fake?

The purpose of CustomerGauge is to create a platform where you can freely share your Buying Experiences or similar user experience with the a company and thereby provide an informative and fair view of a company’s services. Trust is crucial to the process and we can therefore not under any circumstances accept fabricated reviews, i.e. reviews that are not an expression of a genuine Buying Experience, for example because the review is created by or on behalf of a company. If you suspect that a review is fabricated, we encourage you to notify us by contacting us.

3. How can I write a review?

CustomerGauge Reviews is reserved for completed user interactions with actual companies or services. You can only write a review when you:

  • have been invited to take a CustomerGauge Survey from a company using CustomerGauge Services as described in the Terms of Service (Part I)
  • .
The review must relate to a Buying Experience you have had within the last 12 months, and you can only may only write about your own Buying Experience. We have some other sensible rules to keep it honest: for example it must be your own experience, you can’t be an employee of the company etc. Full details are on our Terms of Service (Part II).

4. How can I edit my review

We don’t provide any possibilities to edit your review. However, if you submitted a review in error, we will be happy to block the review and note that it was requested to be blocked by the reviewer.

5. What should I write about in my review?

Your experience is valuable to help other customers decide, When you write a review, it should reflect your own first-hand Buying Experience, and linked to your rating of the question “Would You Recommend X to a friend or colleague…?” You are encouraged to explain why you gave the rating, and point out relevant details of your overall Buying Experience that might help other customers, such as customer service, delivery and communication with a company, etc. On the CustomerGauge Reviews site, it’s more useful to focus on buying experience rather than product reviews or reviews about website layout.

6. What is the Net Promoter Score?

We use the industry standard Net Promoter Score, developed by Fred Reicheld and Bain. It is based on the “Golden Rule” philosophy: “One should treat others as one would like others to treat oneself.” The two question survey question is an 11 point rating scale and a comment. Scores are aggregated to make a score on -100 to 100 scale. We also convert the individual ratings to a 5-star scale to make it more useful on Google and other sites. More details are found here.

7. What rules are there on writing a review? The object is to help other customers benefit from your experience. Again, we work on the “Golden Rule” principle (see above), so please no offensive comments. No marketing. No personal information. Let’s play fair with each other. Not sure whether your review complies with the “Golden Rule”? The updated list of rules for writing a review can be found in our Terms of Service (Part II).

8. What is a comment by a company?

When you submit a review, the company is notified, and they may comment on your review, to clarify, explain, apologize or even say thank you. They also may block a review if it violates our Terms of Service (Part II). If a company blocks a review, the company is required to give a reason why this review has been blocked. Reasons to block will be published below the review on our Website.

9. When might a review be removed or blocked?

As a rule, we trust customers and we publish every review unedited – positive or negative.

However, on some rare occasions, reviews may be in violation of our Terms of Service (Part II) and/or applicable law and in these cases, we retain the right to block or remove your review. By blocking a review, only the review itself will be hidden. By removing a review, the entire review including related information about the user will be removed from our Website.

It is important to note that we do not monitor reviews on our Website, neither before nor after reviews are published. However, there is a “Report for abuse” reporting option on our Website in connection with each review. The company receives a notification if a review has been reported for abuse, and can block this review if it violates our Guidelines.

Below are some examples of when we may block a review:

  • Review is not relevant to future customers, for example exclusively describing the functionality of the purchased product or of the website's layout.
  • The content of Review is based solely on ethical, political and/or value-oriented positions as opposed to a Buying Experience.
  • Review contains defamatory statements or is in violation of applicable law or our Guidelines.
  • Review is offensive (e.g. contains violent or coarse language or has a sexist or racial character.
  • Review contains material or code that may cause browser problems
Below are some examples of when we may remove a review:
  • A request to remove a review for reasons of privacy
  • Review violates our Guidelines or Terms of Service.
  • Review is not based on a real Buying Experience (see clause 6-7 below), or the review pertains to an imposed tax or a fine.
  • Review violates other people's or companies' rights, including any intellectual property rights, rights of privacy/confidentiality and/or rights of publicity.
  • Review is of a marketing nature or has marketing and selling purposes.
  • You are a competitor of the company you have reviewed.
  • You are or were an employee of the Company you have reviewed or you are the company owner, a close relative or an executive of the company.
  • You have created multiple profiles to review the same company multiple times.
  • Your review does not comply with applicable laws and regulations.
  • Not related to a genuine purchase
Also, if your review reveals any personal information about another individual, including name, address, phone number, electronic mail address, credit card information or any other information that could be used to track, identify, contact or impersonate anyone, we may block your review or remove this information from the review.

We may also remove references to other companies and websites (including links) from the review. Removed information is replaced with blank spaces or similar, and we will not otherwise make alterations to your review.

10. For the avoidance of doubt, reviews are not removed if:

  • You and the company disagree on the course of events.
  • Your review and the number of awarded stars are seemingly conflicting, e.g. if you awarded a company only one star, but wrote a very positive review of the company.
  • The company thinks your review is "unfair", e.g. because your dissatisfaction is a result of a mistake made by the supplier. Whether you feel dissatisfied is exclusively your subjective opinion and whether your dissatisfaction is appropriate is not a matter for us to decide. Such issues are left to be resolved between the involved parties, i.e. you and the company.
  • The company you wrote a review of is taken over by new owners.

11. I’m in a dispute over a purchase, what shall I do?

It’s usually difficult to say who is right or wrong in a situation where you and a company disagree on an issue. We are impartial publishers of information and in these cases, we suggest that the company replies to the review so that other users can see their version of the matter.

12. Why has my profile been blocked?

We may block a user's profile if the user misuses our services, e.g. in case of massive misuse of the reporting functionality (see clause 15 below), writing of fabricated reviews (see clause 2 above), threating behavior, spamming of our Website with marketing material, etc. or violation of our User Guidelines or Terms of Service.

13. What does it mean to block a user profile?

It means that we block the user's possibility of signing in to our Website and use our services, including writing and reporting reviews. The user profile still exists, the user's reviews are still available online, but the user cannot use our services. If a blocked user wants to delete his/her profile or reviews, the user should contact us whereupon we will assist the user.

14. How do I delete my profile?

If you would like to delete your user profile, contact us whereupon we will assist the user.

15. How can I report a review for abuse?

You have the possibility of reporting reviews that you believe are in violation of these User Guidelines or Terms of Service (including applicable law).

To report a review for abuse, please click on the “Report for abuse” icon shown below the review. We will act speedily to comply wherever possible.

Misuse of the report for abuse button is not allowed and violates our Terms of Service (Part II).

16. Questions or need more information?

If you still have questions or need more information after reading our FAQ, you are welcome to contact us.

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