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Legacy ER & Urgent Care pioneered the hybrid healthcare model in 2008. Now Legacy's 6 hybrid convenient care locations provide patients instant access to a full-service emergency room with the opportunity to only pay for the level of care needed.

Over 80% of the 90,000 patients we treat every year are billed at urgent care levels, saving over $13M annually in unnecessary ER bills. Legacy has a dedicated ER staff trained in customer service which means quality human to human care. Imagine that; a new standard in healthcare is here.

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My doctor did not bother with a UA CBC OR CMP we had a consult for three minutes consisting of telling me I need to drink fluid. I could have googled that. The night receptionist is horribly unprofessional and says inappropriate things to someone who is sick in a waiting room. We were then billed for an entire ER visit with worse pain than when I walked in. NEVER AGAIN.

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