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In my recent interaction with HRBlock, I received extremely poor service. I have been a client of HRBlock for a few years, and have been using them for both India and US taxes. This year, for the first time, I received a partial Limited Scrutiny from the India tax return, for which one is supposed to reply within 2 weeks. I forwarded this to my Tax Expert in HR Block, but for a week there was no response. So, a week later, I called a number at HR Block and learnt that my Tax Expert had left HRBlock, and nobody from HRBlock bothered to let me know. Subsequently, my new Tax Expert at HRBlock mentioned that the India tax department will take care of replying to the Limited Scrutiny. They submitted the reply without even running it by me. Further, in their reply, they just asked the India Tax department what documents they wanted. The question from the India Tax department was fairly straightforward and it could easily have been answered by providing 1 or 2 documents. When I saw this reply, I contacted HRBlock, and as usual, someone said they would get back to me, but nobody did (after me calling multiple times). While I have been waiting for HRBlock to call back (which they still have not), the India Tax department sent a letter saying that my case is being transferred to Delhi: this could easily have been avoided by submitting 1 or 2 documents in response to the Limited Scrutiny. Further, it's been 4-5 days and nobody from HRBlock has still got back to me. Overall, very bad experience at many levels, and this also means I'm done using HRBlock services. I am also going to recommend to my friends (and many of them need US and India Tax Services) to not use HRBlock.

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